Six pack abs pictures

Do you want to get six pack abs?

If you don’t have six pack abs don’t think its because there’s a magic workout or a secret pill you haven’t heard about. It is simply an attitude problem. Losing belly fat is a long and tedious process. It takes time, effort and, above all, it takes dedication. If you lose track, only one day of the week, as almost everyone does, say goodbye to your six pack abs.

These workouts can help:

  • Suspended Knee Raises
  • Ab exercises with a ball
  • Ab crunches with a string
  • V Ups to exercise your abs
  • V-Ins to exercise your abs

Read more about them here.

These pictures of toned abs will inspire you.

Six pack abs 2

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All rock hard abs!

How not to regain the lost weight

So you’ve managed to lose all the extra weight. Fat loss is a won battle for you. Now you can put on those pants and that shirt that you couldn’t before. You feel great and successful.

You’ve worked hard to get there, but, are you aware of all the hard work needed to maintain your body like this?

Keeping your shape is hard. Very hard. And you need a good plan for permanent fat loss.

These are 7 tips that you should know apply to maintain yourself fit

1. Planning for the future

When going out, stay alert. Don’t eat like is the end of the world. Drink your wine, eat one plate and don’t succumb to the buffet. Parties and social meetings must be all about the people, not the food.

How not to regain lost weight

2. You can reward yourself

Food isn’t the only form of reward. Instead of buying that pie or eating that huge ice cream with extra cream and fudge, get yourself a new pair of jeans, enjoy a bath, stay in bed just watching TV or take a walk to relax and order your thoughts.

3. Stay away from boring foods

To lose weight you must make sacrifices. Maybe you bored to tears eating Brussels sprouts but you got where you wanted. Now is time to change. Choose a new healthy restaurant. Mix your foods or search recipes on the Internet. By eating different foods you’ll stay away from bad foods.

4. Don’t forget the basic rules for weight loss

When you are successful, you may start to forget the rules. But if you do, you’ll be on your way to the starting point. Again, do not forget the basic rules of weight loss. Never.

5. Three bites rule

Your friend is eating a pizza or a big ice cream that looks and smells delicious. You can join her, but using the three bites rule. Enjoy three bites. Not huge bites, not small bites. Just regular bites. And stop. This way you won’t feel bad and will not need to do a kitchen assault when at home.

6. Track what you eat

If you track what you eat, you can improve yourself. If the jeans you used to love are feeling small, go to that journal and see what you ate. This way it will be easy to spot the bad habits and you’ll be ready to cut them out.

7. Workout more

If you can fit workouts in your schedule, you’ll be on your way to maintain a fit body. But be careful, doing the same workout routine day after will become boring. Be sure to include new exercises. And when you start to feel that workouts are too easy, intensify them.

Lower abs workout for men

Although many workouts exercise the higher abs, separating the bottom abs may appear hard. The reason is the most of abdominal exercises mainly include the torso moving towards a rested bottom half. In those workouts, the lower ab muscles aren’t completely employed. If you are looking for lower abs workout for men, the answer to using the lower abs will be to include the lower part in the work out. Check with a physician before beginning a workout program.

Best lower abs workout for men

Suspended Knee Raises

Knee lifts focus on separate the lower abs muscle fibers. To execute this workout, fasten upper arm  harnesses to a bar at chin heigtht, protect both your arms within these, and then allow the body suspend. Maintaining the feet as one, raise both your knees as near as possible to your upper body. Stop on top of the raise while you press your abs for 2 to 3 secs. Lower your lower limbs returning to the starting place. Do this until you can’t keep going.

Best lower abs workout for men

Ab exercises with a ball

Resistance exercises with ball give one of the most ffective exercising possibilities to choose from, and knee tucks are absolutely no exemption. Begin all with the stability sphere beneath the trunk. Stroll your palms ahead until your toes are off the ground and your legs hinge on the sphere. Whilst enticing your center, pull out your legs towards your upper body as well as your pelvis towards the roof. The ball is going to advance ahead and stay under your shins and foot. Keep this posture for 2 secs, after that gradually lower your hip area and prolong your lower limbs, allowing the ball move back again under your legs. Do it again in sets of ten to fifteen reps until you can’t keep going.

Ab crunches with a string

Wire ab crunches train equally the lower and also higher ab muscles, so they are chosen by musclebuilders since they could be carried out with serious opposition. Connect a string to a pull-down device, get in your knees grabbing the tips of the string with each hand hands. Keep the tips of the string near the top part of your forehead and crunch downwards, getting the head towards your knees. Stop at the bottom part for 1 to 3 secs. Gradually raise your trunk to the starting place. Do it again until you cant’t repeat.

V Ups to exercise your abs

Every ab workout that needs that you raise toes off the floor is going to focus on the ower abs. To carry out a V-up, place with the legs outstretched ahead of you and your toes all together. Prop your self up on your elbows to ensure that your trunk is at a 15- to 20-degree position to the ground. Holding toes as one as well as your thighs in a straight line, raise the feet until the legs have reached a 45-degree position to the ground. Brace your centre and expand your ingers towards your toes.  Contract your ab muscles and get your fingers towards your foot, raising a part of your backside off the ground. Once your fingers are as near to your foot as possible, keep that posture for 1 to 3 secs. Bring down your trunk returning to a 15  to 20 degree position, after which do it again until exhausted.

V-Ins to exercise your abs

V-ins are just like V-ups, however when carrying out a V-in, your bottom half executes the majority of the moves. Sit down on a bench. Hold the edges of the bench, incline back in order that your upper body is at a 45-degree position, and expand your thighs straight ahead of your hips. At the same time press your abs towards your hips, and draw your knees towards your face. Maintain the posture for 1 to 3 secs. Do it again until exhausted.

Animal Cuts side effects

What is Animal Cuts?

It is a product that makes you burn fat because of its thermogenic effect. But not just that, it also has diuretic effects, so you can get rid of the excess water before a competition or going to the beach. Animal Cuts also has a cortisol-inhibiting complex which reduces cortisol production making it ideal for lean mass preservation while burning fat and preventing muscle loss. It also has an effect in your metabolism, making it faster by using different tea extracts, makes you more alert and focus and has a special mix of ingredients that work as appetite suppressors.

People use it when aiming for extreme definition or to lose excess water.

Animal Cuts side effects

Although there is little information on its side effects, mostly from Internet forums, the following effects are the most commonly reported:

  • Vomit
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Tachycardia
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Difficulty focusing on a task
  • Sickness
  • Insomnia
  • Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Headaches

Also, due to its diuretic effect, stay away from alcohol or be prepared for a massive hangover. Also, acne and dry skin may be related to this effect.

Who shouldn’t take use Animal Cuts?

People with hypertension
People with history of heart disease

Animal cuts side effects

Recommended daily dose

2 packs a day for 3 weeks, when training or not.

Animal Cuts Ingredients

Animal Cuts is composed of 8 complexes, each of them having a particular effect. Each complex is composed of:

Therm Complex: 750 mg

  • Caffeine Anhydrous,
  • Kola Nut, Guarana,
  • Yerba Mate,
  • Cocoa extract

Metabolic Complex: 750 mg

  • Green Tea Extract,
  • Oolong Tea Extract,
  • Black Tea Extract,
  • Coffee Bean Extract

T Complex: 350 mg

  • L-Tyrosine,
  • Olive Leaf Extract (Oleuropein),
  • Salvia Officinalis
  • Definition complex: 800mg
  • Hawthorne Berry
  • Astragalus (root)
  • Celery Seed
  • Juniper Berry

Nootropic Complex: 500 mg

  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Bacopa Monniera (Bacopasides A & B) (leaf),
  • Cocoa (ß-Phenylethylamine)

Cort Complex: 300 mg

  • Eleuthero (root)
  • Acetyl L-carnitine
  • Carnitine Fumarate

CCK Complex: 300 mg

  • Cha-De-Bugre,
  • Psyllium Seed Husk

Bioavailability Complex: 500 mg

  • Ginger Root (Gingerols, Shogaols),
  • Cayenne (fruit),
  • Grapefruit,
  • Quercetin,
  • Naringin (Citrus)

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. Before taking any supplement you must ask your doctor.

The best after workout meal

The after workout meal

It is what you eat when your workout routines end. It may be the most important food that you eat when you are interested in nutrition and want to build muscle, burn fat or have a better body but it can get a little confusing for many people.

We hear so many recommendations about the after workout meal, like “you need some of this food and not that” or “this food is better for building muscles”, that is easy to get confused.

With so many protein shakes and workout supplements to choose from, not knowing how and when to use them or where can you buy them, you end not knowing if it’s good to eat after working out or not and more confused about post workout nutrition.

But the after workout meal does not have to be something hard to understand. All you need to know is what your body needs, how much of each food it needs and where they are found.

After workout meal

This is what you need to eat after working out:


This is what you don’t need to eat after working out:

Fats (we all know it’s not good, at least the bad ones, but when fat is consumed after workout, it is of no use because it makes your digestive process slower.

¿When to eat your after workout meal?

Not right at the moment you end your routine. But don’t let time go by. If you eat too long after your workout, you’ll be losing its benefits. You should eat within an hour later. The best is within half an hour. Some people have their after workout meal 5 or 10 minutes later.

Where should you get the needed proteins?

As we said before, protein is what you need. And some carbs too. We all like to eat fish, chicken or eggs, but the problem is that those foods are slowly digested. And we need something that digests faster. And the best for this is whey protein. All we need to do is mix it whit juice, water or milk and drink it.

This protein shake is digested faster than solid sources. In fact, whey protein is digested faster than any other protein.

How much whey protein do you need to eat post workout?

The recommended amount is 0.15 to 0.25 gr of protein per pound of body weight.

Carbs after workouts

Carbs are essential for after workout meal and help you recover because they help in the restoration of glycogen, which is used when working out. Carbs also make nutrients get to muscles faster.

As with proteins, you need carbs to be digested fast. So avoid brown rice or oatmeal, because their fiber slows down its digestion. Instead, eat potatoes, white rice or cereal. But they are solid sources of carbs, thus there is another type that can be digested faster: sugar.

But remember to eat sugar or dextrose only with you after workout meal. Any other time is no good.

The recommended amount of carbs is 0.25gr to 0.4 gr per pound.

An after workout meal example:

This is something you can eat at right after your workouts

Put in a bottle whey protein powder, water and dextrose. Shake it good. Drink it on your way home.

It contains all the proteins and carbs you need and in the needed form for fast digestion.

Gyms for cardio workouts in Indiana

List of gyms located in the state of Indiana

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