The best after workout meal

The after workout meal

It is what you eat when your workout routines end. It may be the most important food that you eat when you are interested in nutrition and want to build muscle, burn fat or have a better body but it can get a little confusing for many people.

We hear so many recommendations about the after workout meal, like “you need some of this food and not that” or “this food is better for building muscles”, that is easy to get confused.

With so many protein shakes and workout supplements to choose from, not knowing how and when to use them or where can you buy them, you end not knowing if it’s good to eat after working out or not and more confused about post workout nutrition.

But the after workout meal does not have to be something hard to understand. All you need to know is what your body needs, how much of each food it needs and where they are found.

After workout meal

This is what you need to eat after working out:


This is what you don’t need to eat after working out:

Fats (we all know it’s not good, at least the bad ones, but when fat is consumed after workout, it is of no use because it makes your digestive process slower.

┬┐When to eat your after workout meal?

Not right at the moment you end your routine. But don’t let time go by. If you eat too long after your workout, you’ll be losing its benefits. You should eat within an hour later. The best is within half an hour. Some people have their after workout meal 5 or 10 minutes later.

Where should you get the needed proteins?

As we said before, protein is what you need. And some carbs too. We all like to eat fish, chicken or eggs, but the problem is that those foods are slowly digested. And we need something that digests faster. And the best for this is whey protein. All we need to do is mix it whit juice, water or milk and drink it.

This protein shake is digested faster than solid sources. In fact, whey protein is digested faster than any other protein.

How much whey protein do you need to eat post workout?

The recommended amount is 0.15 to 0.25 gr of protein per pound of body weight.

Carbs after workouts

Carbs are essential for after workout meal and help you recover because they help in the restoration of glycogen, which is used when working out. Carbs also make nutrients get to muscles faster.

As with proteins, you need carbs to be digested fast. So avoid brown rice or oatmeal, because their fiber slows down its digestion. Instead, eat potatoes, white rice or cereal. But they are solid sources of carbs, thus there is another type that can be digested faster: sugar.

But remember to eat sugar or dextrose only with you after workout meal. Any other time is no good.

The recommended amount of carbs is 0.25gr to 0.4 gr per pound.

An after workout meal example:

This is something you can eat at right after your workouts

Put in a bottle whey protein powder, water and dextrose. Shake it good. Drink it on your way home.

It contains all the proteins and carbs you need and in the needed form for fast digestion.

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