How not to regain the lost weight

So you’ve managed to lose all the extra weight. Fat loss is a won battle for you. Now you can put on those pants and that shirt that you couldn’t before. You feel great and successful.

You’ve worked hard to get there, but, are you aware of all the hard work needed to maintain your body like this?

Keeping your shape is hard. Very hard. And you need a good plan for permanent fat loss.

These are 7 tips that you should know apply to maintain yourself fit

1. Planning for the future

When going out, stay alert. Don’t eat like is the end of the world. Drink your wine, eat one plate and don’t succumb to the buffet. Parties and social meetings must be all about the people, not the food.

How not to regain lost weight

2. You can reward yourself

Food isn’t the only form of reward. Instead of buying that pie or eating that huge ice cream with extra cream and fudge, get yourself a new pair of jeans, enjoy a bath, stay in bed just watching TV or take a walk to relax and order your thoughts.

3. Stay away from boring foods

To lose weight you must make sacrifices. Maybe you bored to tears eating Brussels sprouts but you got where you wanted. Now is time to change. Choose a new healthy restaurant. Mix your foods or search recipes on the Internet. By eating different foods you’ll stay away from bad foods.

4. Don’t forget the basic rules for weight loss

When you are successful, you may start to forget the rules. But if you do, you’ll be on your way to the starting point. Again, do not forget the basic rules of weight loss. Never.

5. Three bites rule

Your friend is eating a pizza or a big ice cream that looks and smells delicious. You can join her, but using the three bites rule. Enjoy three bites. Not huge bites, not small bites. Just regular bites. And stop. This way you won’t feel bad and will not need to do a kitchen assault when at home.

6. Track what you eat

If you track what you eat, you can improve yourself. If the jeans you used to love are feeling small, go to that journal and see what you ate. This way it will be easy to spot the bad habits and you’ll be ready to cut them out.

7. Workout more

If you can fit workouts in your schedule, you’ll be on your way to maintain a fit body. But be careful, doing the same workout routine day after will become boring. Be sure to include new exercises. And when you start to feel that workouts are too easy, intensify them.

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