What are the best cardio machines?

At every gym, there’s a room filled with machines for cardio workouts. In these places we can find machines that help us burn calories quickly while improving our circulatory and respiratory systems. But, they don’t work the same way for every person. As each one of us is different, those machines will produce different results and that way some people will prefer using one cardio machine and not the other.

Treadmill, elliptical bike, step machine, rowing machine and static bike are all machines we can find at the gym for cardio exercising. Before opting for one or another we need to know what we are going to get out of them and what the benefits they deliver are.

The first machine is the treadmill. It is the most popular machine in the cardio room. Treadmill has multiple functions and can be very versatile because you can walk, run or even climb. It is one of the aerobic exercises as it makes your whole body work.

But for many people, the impact exerted against the platform is bad for their knee joints, because they are the ones that take the hit. To avoid this, you must wear the right shoes or use machines with damping to absorb the movement.

Along with the treadmill, there is another machine that has many followers. It is the elliptical bike. This machine is a lot safer for the knees because there is no impact when you move. But the movement is very limited, always following the same rigid path, which in some cases may not be comfortable for some people.

Another cardio machine is the stepper. Its purpose is to mimic the movement you make when going up the stairs and it is a great way to work out the lower body and tone muscles while doing a perfect cardio workout. But we must know that this machine can be very damaging to the knees due to the constant pressure they have to bear throughout the exercise. It is very recommended that we have strong knees if we want to workout with this machine.

Woman doing cardio workouts on a rowing machine

Static bike is another star machine for cardio. Biking is a very complete exercise for the lower body, but not for the upper body, because of the position needed that may lead us to develop a back injury by overloading the area. Therefore it is very important to maintain a relaxed position during the workout. It is still a good way to train for resistance and do your cardio workouts.

The least known machine for cardio is the rowing machine, but it is one of the best because it involves almost every part of the body which makes it one of the most difficult exercises to do. Its difficulty is what makes it one of the workouts that burn more calories. This is because it implies more areas of the body and needs more energy. But if it’s not properly done, it may be a double-edged sword for the lumbar area.

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